funeral insurance for seniors

Sad but true, one’s death comes at a cost that may weigh down the surviving members. But if one doesn’t wish to burden their family with the stress of meeting the funeral expenses in addition to dealing with grief – funeral insurance is the right decision, especially for seniors! Yes, they can get one too and here’s the important stuff to know about…

What is funeral insurance?

Funeral insurance, as classified under life insurance, is a product that’s intended to benefit the family in meeting the funeral expenses of the deceased. Depending on the type of insurance, the appropriate amount may be spent at the funeral or one’s discretion. A senior who’s especially in poor health may still be qualified for funeral insurance, unlike the common myth that their chances of acceptance are low.

One just needs to keep these four things in mind to invest in the right funeral insurance plan for seniors:


Since the funeral costs vary, the coverage too will. Once the individual is aware of the type of funeral service they’ll be holding, they can have a better understanding of the coverage to buy. Where cremation costs may be a bit reasonable, burial can get expensive, and if one requires any high-end services, count the additional charges, and choose a suitable plan.


The different types of policies to consider may include:
Traditional – Low premium policy, for when one’s in good health and under a certain age
Simplified – High premium policy when the individual may have a medical condition jeopardizing their chances of getting a traditional policy
Guaranteed – Highest premium policy but a sure bet even when one may have a terminal illness, allowing them the coverage to end-of-life expenses
For better information, you can directly contact an insurance agent and get access to their packages.


The cost of the policy may depend on factors including the type of policy, chosen service type, and so on. There are ways in which one may be able to save on funeral insurance costs, and an agent can help with the options.


The best way to obtain funeral insurance for seniors is to contact a licensed and reputed insurance company. They’ll be able to share a free, non-obligatory quote so one can make the best decision. It’s essential to make informed choices. So make sure to contract with a company that values your voice.

The surviving family needs to have their dignity protected. This makes funeral insurance a must-have possession!