final expense insurance policy

Here again. Standing in the rain with your ever-shrinking group of friends. How many friends have you put to rest? Seeing the pain in the eyes of your friend’s wife, the worry and sorrow. Today they buried Sam your lifetime confidant, a partner in crime and best friend.

Looking at your wife as she stands next to you with tears in her eyes. You think “Will she be ready”? Will she have enough to survive? Will the cost and worries of your passing allow unscrupulous people to manipulate her?

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Dylan Thomas

Final Expense Insurance Policy

Final expense insurance can help ease some of that worry. Planning is a way to rage into the night. Do not sit in despair and hope for the best. Strive and do what is right. By planning for what you cannot prevent, you will ease the suffering of those you leave behind. Fight to protect those you love.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

As we grow older and those we love to pass, we see suffering not only from the grief but from the economic realities of the cost of dying. In our younger days, it is always somewhere in the future. While most of us exist, accomplishing little of major significance. We can shine if we choose. It does not have to be big things.

Many see money and power to be shining. But often it is a thin plating on the empty life without real friends and accomplishments. Real shining is having a loving family. Making sure that the kids are fed and clothed, even if we have to sacrifice.

This applies even more to our passing. Can we still shine and protect one last time?

None of us know when or how we will die.

Scary isn’t it, to know that we have no idea. Even scarier is that we do not know the cost. Yes, we can plan on funeral expenses and there even is insurance for that. It is other costs that we cannot plan on. We can only estimate.

The number one cause of bankruptcy in the country is medical debt. Unless you pass in your sleep, you will likely be in the hospital gathering medical bills that your loved ones will have to pay.

Now life insurance can help with paying off bills. Loved ones have to survive until the will goes through probate as most assets cannot be touched. The best thing about Final Expense Insurance is that it is paid quickly.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

final expense insurance policy
Final Expense Insurance Policy

Final expense insurance is whole life insurance designed to cover funeral expenses and medical bills when you pass. Known as burial or funeral insurance and popular with seniors.

Common features of Final Expense Insurance:

  • This is whole life insurance with no expiration if premiums are paid.
  • The policy has a cash value. You may take out a policy loan.
  • The premiums will not change as long as they are paid.
  • Simplified application, usually no medical exam is required, just health questions on the application.
  • An application can often be done quickly online or in-person.
  • Coverage can often be approved within days.
  • The rates are designed to be affordable for everyone.

Why Final Expense Insurance Is Good For Seniors?

Final expense insurance is popular because of its affordable price. Smaller benefit amounts for covering funeral expenses, but it is also for helping with the medical cost that comes up.

Traditional life and term insurance should help replace any lost income when a loved one dies. Life insurance policies are most important during the early years of your life. It takes into account paying a mortgage, car payments and raising children.

Now you have retired and paid off the mortgage and the kids have grown up, traditional life policies are less important. What’s important is to cover any expenses we leave behind when we pass on.

The cost of a funeral is often over $9,000.

Whether the death is sudden or after a long illness, many loved ones experience an unaffordable burden of funeral costs. Already dealing with intense grief adds to the stress of paying for a funeral.

Way too many of us have experienced the death of a loved one. Knowing how to balance grief, funeral planning, and financial cost can be unbearable. The thoughts of putting our spouse or children through that is unthinkable.

How final expense insurance helps.

We can help protect our families from this financial burden with a plan to help them handle the pile of bills when we pass. Final expense insurance is a smart and caring solution for seniors looking to protect their loved ones from not only rising funeral costs but unexpected medical bills.

This insurance is easy to qualify for because it is based on health questions. Most cases do not need a medical exam. Be warned that you have to be truthful in answering the health questions. Lying on the questions could cause your claim to be denied and even more stress for your family.

How does final expense insurance work?

This insurance covers the cost of the funeral and burial service. Unlike burial insurance and prepaid funeral packages, final expense insurance can also help cover outstanding debts, probate fees, and other expenses. This insurance allows you to choose the beneficiary. Burial and pre-need plans do not allow you to choose the beneficiary.

Pre-need plans are payable to a funeral home. A final expense benefit goes right to the beneficiary you choose. Final expense insurance can be purchased as either a term or a life insurance policy. This depends on the coverage you need. Remember while term insurance is less, the policy’s premiums will increase when the term expires. They may not even allow the reissuing of the policy at all. The whole life version will expire when you turn 100.

Final expense whole life insurance policies

This type of policy can increase in value over time. With a balance that increases as you pay in. The premium will be higher the older you are when you start. The premium amount will not increase as you age.

The whole life policy will allow you to select a beneficiary, allowing you to pick someone to be legally responsible for the use of the benefit. Often people choose a partner or relative to act as there agent to ensure that their wishes are followed.

Usually, you will not be required to take a medical exam to receive coverage. Your policy won’t be canceled due to changes in your health. Final expense insurance is even available to those in poor health. The policies then will have graded benefits. This means only a portion of your policy will be available for the first few years of coverage.

There is usually an additional benefit in case of accidental death.
Payment plans can be arranged for either term or whole life versions of final expense insurance.

What you can use the benefits for?

Your final expense insurance can cover many costs. Allowing loved ones to use the benefits for the expenses they need to pay, not only the burial costs. Such as medical bills, probate or legal fees. This allows you to cover what other policy types don’t cover.

The insurance also extends to who you want as a service provider. You are not locked into a certain provider or geographic area. Final expense insurance gives you options, this is a benefit given that plans may change. Since the whole life version of final expense insurance has a cash value, you can borrow against the tax-deferred dividend value. Giving you a line of credit in emergency situations.

The flexibility of your policy helps with the worry that you might have with pre-need plans or burial insurance. Many of the limitations of burial and pre-need plans are not applicable to final expense policies.

Other Things to consider, how much coverage you need.

Final expense insurance policies cover the insured person’s life. Being a cash benefit payable upon their death. Most people think about the cost of a funeral burial or cremation and memorial service. Many overlook the extra costs involved.

There is no rule or law about how the money gets spent. So the beneficiary you pick will be responsible for carrying out your final wishes. Make sure they are trustworthy. Pick a relative or friend you trust.

Some other expenses you may have not considered.

> Do you need to travel to the funeral?
> Will you need to feed and house funeral guests?
> How much time will you have to miss work?
> Will you need to clean out their belongings from the home?
> Do you need to pay a probate lawyer to help settle the estate?
> Do you need to bring in an appraiser to examine the estate?

How fast will you get the money?

While you are in shock and grieving the loss of your loved one, having a cash payment to arrive to help with the cost is a breath saver. Since the values of these policies are usually fairly modest most insurers pay promptly and in a lump sum.

Usually, the beneficiary needs to present a death certificate to get the check. Remember that in some cases it can take several days to get an official death certificate.

Most funeral homes will accept a copy of the policy or a phone call to the insurance company as a guarantee of payment. This is because they will know you have the funds coming from the insurer.

Golden Memorial Insurance

A business that feels like a family

For 30 years, Golden Memorial Insurance has worked with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. Becoming the nation’s leading Final Expense Agency. Started by our founder Ray Barragan Senior and continuing with the hard work and dedication of his children Ray Barragan Junior, Ann Marie Barragan, and Andrew Barragan.

Golden Memorial strives to give the same family values as our father. This is why we push to give the absolute best customer service in the industry.
“Take care of those who take care of you.”
This is our motto and each and every day we recommit to serving you and your family like you were one of us.

Originally we started in 1963 as Barragan Insurance Marketing and we incorporated in 2009. Currently run by Ann Marie Barragan, we have one of the best records in the industry. It is how we treat you like family.

In case you need to contact us here are our numbers:

Fax Number
(831) 636-2844
Phone Number
(800) 722-4605

Other services we offer

FCGS saved Golden Memorial life insurance policyholder families over $13 million on funeral costs last year.

When a policyholder passes, we want to make sure things go smoothly for your loved ones. So on your behalf, we have the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) go into action to help your loved ones cope with the many details arising at the funeral.

  • When you enroll, you can also decide the details of the funeral arrangements of your choice… We can supply you with a 2-page final wishes form that makes it fast and simple.
  • FCGS keeps your wishes safe and secure on file.
  • Your loved one gets a 24-hour toll-free service number to call in time of need.
  • FCGS springs into action by comparing up to 3 different funeral homes to find the best price available.
  • Your family can save an average of $1,800 on traditional funerals and up to $600 on cremation

The FCGS is not affiliated with any religion, funeral home, cemetery, or any particular funeral approach. There is never any obligation or pressure to buy anything from anyone.